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Version 3 of the design for the NGO portal for the United Nations Division of Palestinian Rights, designed by nigelparry.net

Creating a truly effective website is a complex process which requires harnessing and balancing a broad range of technical, artistic, and communication skills, including graphic design, site and navigation architecture, content planning and creation, programming and scripting—all the way through to search engine optimization and site launch.

nigelparry.net websites are developed with a combination of thorough consultation with the client informed by Nigel Parry’s 18+ years of web design and 27+ years of communications experience.

Consultants, all highly experienced in their fields, are brought in by nigelparry.net—as needed—to meet specific project challenges, such as graphic design-intensive websites, multimedia creation, video editing, and advanced scripting.

Homepage of the Saint Paul Almanac, a website developed and managed by nigelparry.net.
The Changing Attitude Trust’s interactive bookstore, designed by nigelparry.net

Projects always begin with intensive discussion with the client to clarify the goals of the website and create a clear navigation architecture for the website.

The next stage of the process is to find an effective visual design that the client is happy with. This is achieved through e-mail, phone, and/or video conference interaction between the client and designer and browser-accessible online demos.

At this point, the client is instructed to begin collecting and transferring the collateral—the raw images and text for the site—to the design team.

Once an visual design plan has been agreed upon, work on building the final website begins. A website content management system and other software is installed, and the process of customizing these solutions to incorporate the visual design begins. We use WordPress in-house, which is versatile, fully-featured, widely-used, and open source. This ensures that WordPress’ code is constantly updated by an enthusiastic, international, user community, and—an important guarantee for your site’s longevity—web developers/designers who know how to work on its system are ubiquitous.

Welsh language section of the award-winning website of the UK charity, Teacher Support Network, designed by nigelparry.net.

As the site begins to take shape, the client is trained remotely through a combination of printed instructions, e-mail, and/or telephone/video conversations to add materials to the site in a way that preserves the professional look of the site and utilizes its features to their full potential.

As work on the various elements draws to a close, the client is instructed on launch/relaunch and visitor-building strategies for the site.

Homepage of the Electronic Intifada website, an online publication relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Nigel Parry co-founded, developed, worked as editor, and managed the website of the project from 2001-2006.

We like projects from creative and dynamic organizations. We like helping you to tell your story and we will leave you with a tool to empower you to communicate effectively and independent of further technical assistance.

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