Creating a truly effective website is a complex process which requires harnessing and balancing a broad range of technical, artistic, and communication skills, including graphic design, site and navigation architecture, content planning and creation, programming and scripting—all the way through to search engine optimization and site launch. websites are developed with a combination of thorough consultation with the client informed by Nigel Parry’s web design experience since 1995 and communications experience since 1985. awards include the ADC’s Voices of Peace Award for The Electronic Intifada and Electronic Iraq, the Charity Times’ “Best Use of the Web” award for the Teacher Support Network English/Welsh sites, and a nomination by the Midwest Publishers’ Association for “Best Website”.

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about-nigel-parryWe have helped dynamic and controversial movements for change create professional and powerful online broadcasting engines and we have built online galleries for rock star art collectors. We like creative and interesting projects, we like projects for people trying to make a difference, and we like clients with something to say. [More]

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Nigel Parry is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with clients around the world.

Tel: 919-886-4435
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