Nigel Parry’s earliest work experience took place in advocacy and communications organizations, and Nigel has worked in both public relations offices, and as a freelance publicist. Website clients additionally benefit from this background, as today the website is typically the primary public relations face of any business, organization or project.

From working daily in a busy public relations office in a Palestinian university operating steadfastly under military occupation, to coordinating publicity in New York City for a Chelsea art gallery opening and working with the publicity team at the Lincoln Center to promote a film festival, Nigel Parry has experience in both crisis management PR and large-scale event publicity.

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about-nigel-parryWe have helped dynamic and controversial movements for change create professional and powerful online broadcasting engines and we have built online galleries for rock star art collectors. We like creative and interesting projects, we like projects for people trying to make a difference, and we like clients with something to say. [More]

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Nigel Parry is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with clients around the world.

Tel: 919-886-4435
(Voicemail/text message)


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