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A United Nations web design project by nigelparry.net

Nigel Parry and the network of nigelparry.net consultants undertake website, print and logo design, and publicity and public relations, in the nonprofit/charity, advocacy, news, arts, small business and personal sectors.

Our clients have included international organizations such as the United Nations, city governments, educational institutions around the world including Columbia University and Birzeit University, and charities/nonprofits in the United Kingdom and the United States including the Teacher Support Network, Changing Attitude, and Mizna.

nigelparry.net has provided full service public relations and design packages for New York gallery openings and arts festivals, offering coordinated publicity work that includes poster, program and website design.

Electronic Iraq, "the alternative news moonshot", offering unembedded reporting via satellite data modem from on the ground in Baghdad during "Shock & Awe"

With over 20 years of experience in providing communications solutions, Nigel Parry advises clients from the initial idea to final delivery of the project and beyond. Our network of consultants can help you plan public relations strategies, coordinate event publicity, create logos, build websites and design print materials.

Our clients and projects have ranged from million visitor alternative news websites offering unembedded reporting via data modem from on the ground in Baghdad during “Shock & Awe”, to websites for book authors and neighborhood coffee shops.

We have helped dynamic and controversial movements for change create professional and powerful online broadcasting engines and we have built online galleries for rockstar art collectors.

We like creative and interesting projects, we like projects for people trying to make a difference, and we like clients with something to say.


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25 years of experience

Since 1989, Nigel Parry has offered communications solutions to educational, advocacy, non-profit, media, and arts organizations—people with something to say.

Wordpress websites

Wordpress websites

While nigelparry.net designs mockups for any content management system, we exclusively use WordPress as the in-house CMS for websites we develop.

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