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Nigel outside the United Nations in Geneva, 1997.

Since 1989, Nigel Parry has offered communications solutions for educational, advocacy, non-profit, media, and business organizations.

Since 1995, Nigel has been designing and developing websites and website content for educational, advocacy, non-profit, media, and business organizations.

In 1996, Nigel launched the first alternative news website published by residents of a warzone.

In 1997, he was invited to an NGO symposium at the United Nations in Geneva to speak about the development of the Internet in the Middle East.

In 2003, Nigel and the co-founders of Electronic Iraq and The Electronic Intifada received ADC’s “Voices of Peace” Award in recognition of the sites’

“commitment to bringing the concerns, voices, and experiences of the Iraqi and Palestinian peoples to audiences the world over via the Internet.”

Lights in the window of the Al-Fanar Hotel in Baghdad show the locations of eIraq correspondents -- members of the Iraq Peace Team -- during a nearby US bombing attack during "Shock & Awe". (Al-Jazeera)

During the Iraq ground war he coordinated Electronic Iraq, offering unembedded reporting via satellite data modem by writers on the ground in Baghdad during “Shock & Awe”.

In 2006, Nigel and the Electronic Intifada team launched Electronic Lebanon to present voices from on the ground in Lebanon during Israel’s summer war against the country.

In 2009, at the Charity Times 10th annual awards ceremony, this leading UK magazine for nonprofit professionals recognized the Teacher Support Network with its “Best Use Of The Web” Award for its nigelparry.net-designed website. Teacher Support Network is a group of independent charities and a social enterprise that provide practical and emotional support to staff in the education sector and their families.

Nigel Parry has been profiled, interviewed, and has seen his websites reviewed in publications which have included:

    Nigel Parry on MSNBC, discussing Internet blogging in the Middle East, 8 March 2006.

  • The Associated Press (international wire service)
  • The Financial Times (UK newspaper)
  • Foreign Policy (US magazine)
  • Ha’aretz (Israeli newspaper)
  • The Independent (UK newspaper)
  • ITV (UK television channel)
  • Jerusalem Post (Israeli newspaper)
  • Le Monde (French newspaper)
  • MSNBC (US Cable Network)
  • The Nation (US magazine)
  • Stern (German magazine)
  • TIME (US magazine)
  • The Washington Post (US newspaper)
  • Wired (US magazine).

Today, Nigel, together with an experienced network of consultants around the world, offers complete public relations, website, multimedia, and print solutions for clients of all sizes, in any geographical location.

Clients have included the United Nations, Birzeit University, the City of Pittsburgh, Middle East International magazine, Soul Asylum’s Daniel Murphy, and Columbia University.

Nigel is based in Saint Paul, MN. His personal website can be found at nigelparry.com.


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Since 1989, Nigel Parry has offered communications solutions to educational, advocacy, non-profit, media, and arts organizations—people with something to say.

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Wordpress websites

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