Nigel Parry and the network of consultants undertake website, print and logo design, and publicity and public relations, in the nonprofit/charity, advocacy, news, arts, small business, and personal sectors. Our clients have included:

  • international organizations such as the United Nations
  • national and city governments, from Palestine to Pittsburgh
  • educational institutions around the world, including Columbia University and Birzeit University
  • charities/nonprofits in the United Kingdom and the United States, including the Teacher Support Network, Changing Attitude UK & Ireland, and the National Lawyers Guild

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about-nigel-parryWe have helped dynamic and controversial movements for change create professional and powerful online broadcasting engines and we have built online galleries for rock star art collectors. We like creative and interesting projects, we like projects for people trying to make a difference, and we like clients with something to say. [More]

contact nigel parry

Nigel Parry is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with clients around the world.

Tel: 919-886-4435
(Voicemail/text message)



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